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 Repeat of Public Record of names of family of corrupt magistrate Colin John Strofield: Names & PHOTOS of the Members of the extended family of corrupt parasite [ex-police] now magistrate Colin John Strofield: header: ColinJStrofieldCorruptMagistratePoliceFraudArmedRobberyTheftQld

 Colin J Strofield, Corrupt Magistrate:
for Police Fraud, Armed Robbery &Theft in Queensland.

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 Content: Repeat of Public Record of names of family of corrupt magistrate Colin John Strofield

See: the Menu: for How ex-police solicitor, magistrate Colin Strofield of Holland Park Brisbane, Magistrates Court, aided cops' Armed Robbery

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The Family Associations of Criminals; Parents Train Criminals

Why do people become criminals?  Why does crime become their nature?  Criminality has to do with honesty, truth and morals.

What defines a criminal?  What are the characteristics of a criminal?

I believe that most people would readily agree that the central character of a criminal is their criminal value system; the values against which they weigh all of the actions that they take. 

Criminals do not happen in isolation?  It is not a random event that criminals are criminals.  We do not believe criminals are born as criminals.  We believe criminals are NURTURED.  Hence, we believe there is a greater probability that the parents of criminals are also criminals, than is the probability that any member of the population, selected at random, is also a criminal.  Because we believe that criminals are nurtured by people with the same criminal value set, we believe that the children of criminals are also more likely to be a criminal, than is any member of the population selected at random. 

From our observations, we have been able to distill some conclusions. "Successful" criminals, ie those that continue in their criminal ways are invariably part of a 'CRIMINAL NETWORK', which includes government, and all of law enforcement. 

The 'bonds' between members of this 'CRIMINAL NETWORK' aka the 'CORRUPTION NETWORK', are very strong and RIGID.  Consider for a moment the case of Merri Rose and the 'Merri Rose Secret'.

I quote from the Transcript of the  ABC TV "Australian Story"  episode entitled:   "A Sea Of Troubles" 

PROGRAM TRANSCRIPT: Monday, 20 October , 2008

"CAROLINE JONES, PRESENTER: Hello I’m Caroline Jones. Tonight's program poses the question, what would drive a woman to blackmail a state premier? Merri Rose is the former politician who went from high school drop-out to cabinet minister to prisoner. Last year she was jailed for attempting to blackmail then Queensland premier, Peter Beattie. For as long as they live, Ms Rose and her family face imprisonment if they discuss the so called secret at the heart of the case. Despite what she calls her terror at being returned to jail, Merri Rose is now speaking for the first time, from the island which has become her home and her refuge. This is her story.

MERRI ROSE: The island lifestyle really does suit me. When I first came and lived here it was really, I suppose a bit of a test to see how long I’d last. Because it was a complete change from recognition and, you know lots of people around me all the time, to just Danny and I and nobody else around.

(Excerpt from ABC News)
ABC REPORTER: Former Minister Merri Rose will face court on Friday charged with extortion. It’s now been revealed it was the Premier she allegedly tried to blackmail while trying to get a job in the state public service.
(End of Excerpt) "


'CRIMINAL NETWORKS' have 'ultimate' secrets, which are central to the criminal network.  I suggest that the 'Merri Rose' secret was one such 'central secrets'.  Consider the other players in the 'Merri Rosa SAGA'.  There was the CMC who 'investigated' the 'complaint' by Peter Beattie.  In the District Court, 'Chief' Judge Patsy Mary Wolfe made the order that the secret was to remain secret.

The corruption in the Queensland CORRUPTION NETWORK, takes the concept of 'honour amongst thieves' to a new level.  This would suggest that all criminals are part of this 'criminal class'. 

For the CRIMINAL, the subject of this site, we name, so Google, Bing et al will index them, members of their family, as there is likely to be a greater correlation of criminality amongst them compared to the 'general public', or the rest of the population.  We do this as a PUBLIC SERVICE.  Parents of other children who are associating with the children of this criminal, may wish to know the influences that may be impinging upon their own children, and ban their associating with children of criminals.

We may produce a separate page on them and that will be hyper linked to their name below.  We name the
spouse or spouses,  the children /off spring, parents, and maybe other relatives, or relatives of those relatives.

Names & photos of Members of the extended Family of
the corrupt parasite magistrate Colin John Strofield [well, he was a police solicitor, so what can one expect!].

Criminals tend to congregate and associate with other criminals, as they share 'values' [or lack of values],  It is as a public service that we name here other people [and their parents or children], who have associated with this parasite criminal.

Children of the corrupt parasite magistrate Colin John Strofield:

Parents of other children who are associating with the offspring of such a corrupt parasite as Colin John Strofield, should be be concerned.  It is very likely that Colin John Strofield is now training his children, to be sly criminals like himself, although they seem to have an open personality.  We advise this as a public service.   This exposure of political and 'judicial' corruption in Queensland, Australia, is just beginning.

We include photos from the Internationally public Internet, of a couple of them just to alert concerned parents in Brisbane, [or Charleville, where he was first magistrate, or Holland Park and surrounds where Colin  John Strofield is now magistrate]. in Queensland Australia, who may recognize them.

As no less reliable source, we quote from the public document, THE SWEARING-IN OF MAGISTRATE COLIN JOHN STROFIELD AS A MAGISTRATE OF QUEENSLAND, on the 6th March, 2008, the comments by the then chief magistrate, judge Marshall Irwin,

"I would also like to acknowledge Colin's wife Donna, his mother Pat and Donna's mother Jeanette O'Shea and also Colin and Donna's children Jonathon, Thomas, Samuel, Eloise and Amelia. Alexandra apparently cannot be here, ... ."

Spouse of the corrupt parasite magistrate Colin John Strofield:

Parents of the corrupt parasite magistrate Colin John Strofield:

Other relatives of the corrupt parasite magistrate Colin John Strofield:

 Menu: How ex-police solicitor, magistrate Colin Strofield of Holland Park Brisbane, Magistrates Court, aided cops' Armed Robbery

Menu: HaigReport's How ex-police solicitor, magistrate Colin Strofield of Holland Park Brisbane, Magistrates Court, aided cops' Armed Robbery:

  1. Amelia Strofield Failed BGrade Porno Hack; Daughter of Corrupt Ex Police Solicitor now Magistrate Colin John Strofield:

  2. Sam Strofield epitomizes the Strofield family's love of beer and Urinal "aroma":

  3. Index: How ex-police solicitor, magistrate Colin Strofield of Holland Park Brisbane, Magistrates Court, aided cops' Armed Robbery:

  4. Repeat of Public Record of names of family of corrupt magistrate Colin John Strofield:

  5. Open Letter to [ex-police solicitor now ...] Magistrate Colin John Strofield Inviting him to Put His Side of The Story:
Colin J. Strofield Corrupt Magistrate

This parasite is just typical of the corruption in Queensland that has grown up with the incompetent labor corruption  epitomized by the likes of Terry Mellifont aka Terence Joseph Mellifont aka TJ Mellifont.  That Terence Mellifont, as a solicitor, prior to his being struck off the roll of solicitors permanently circa 1980, became aware of the many police who are corrupt.  After being struck off he used his corrupt police contacts to run his criminal SP bookie 'business'.  He perjured himself to the Fitzgerald Inquiry.  The corrupt labor government of the corrupt Wayne Goss discontinued the prosecution of Terry Mellifont when Goss was elected, thanks to the Electoral fraud partly enabled by Mellifont.  In fact, Mellifont's wife, Julie Maree Dick [you can understand the reason she would not use his surname - still she realized the pay-off for her to prostitute herself as his 'wife'] was appointed by the corrupt labor government to be a judge of the District Court of Queensland.  That seems to be the usual practice of the corrupt labor government, to appoint corrupt individuals with law degrees, however gained, to be judges and magistrates.  Colin J Strofield is on record as stating that he would be going to the District Court.  He stated this in early 2009 and expected to be there by March, 2009.  He was a magistrate in Brisbane.  Instead, he was transferred to be a magistrate in woop woop, in South Western Queensland. 
Criminal Judge Marshall Irwin applauds judicial caucusing with police to convict defendants and dumps Colin John Strofield right into the CRIMINAL MIRE that is Queensland 'justice' system.
Irwin's heir Chief Magistrate Judge Brendan Butler applauds caucusing with Strofield's

As I show below, simply by quoting the actual words of Judge Marchall Irwin when Chief Magistrate, this criminal practice is rife in Queensland.  That Queensland is so completely corrupt, is realized when one considers that this is published by the Chief Magistrate.  I give an example, and only one is necessary but I am sure there are many more.

This is not only an indictment upon all magistrates in Queensland, especially Magistrate Colin John Strofield, who, in his former role as police solicitor, was the police 'point of contact' in this criminal fraud, it is a serious indictment upon the whole system of Justice in Queensland. 

With the police aware of that this practice is standard, they become a law unto themselves.  The corrupt police force/service of Queensland know they can arrest anyone they wish, and know that when charged the police victim will be convicted by corrupt magistrates.  Corrupt magistrates do this by Applying section 19 of the Penalty and Sentences Act 1992.  This Statute can be applied only when a defendant has been found guilty or entered a guilty plea.  This restriction does not deter all the corrupt magistrates of Queensland.  One of the 'sentencing' options is to discharge the 'prisoner' [the term applied to the defendant once 'guilty'] absolutely with the gross judicial fraud of 'no conviction recorded'.  When most people hear that, they think that is the end of it.  It isn't.  I give an example below.

These actual words of Judge Marchall Irwin are part of his speech at the 'swearing in' as magistrate, of Colin John Strofield and published at http://archive.sclqld.org.au/judgepub/2008/irwin060308.pdf /.


JUDGE IRWIN, Chief Magistrate
..DATE 06/03/2008

If the speech disappears for any reason, or is edited by the corrupt authorities, let me know as I have a full copy which I will publish with a link from this place here.  This speech by Judge Marchall Irwin is evidence of corruption in Queensland. 

I quote:

"It is in this capacity as Queensland Police Service solicitor that I, [Judge Marshall Irwin] and other Magistrates, have had a close contact with his Honour [Magistrate Colin John Strofield] because he was the principal point of liaison for us with the Queensland Police Service and as a result it has been possible to resolve a number of 'issues', which obviously arise from time to time in the administration of a Court which relate to the Queensland Police Service in the mutual interests [the conviction of innocent defendants and hence increase in police conviction rate statistics], of both the Court, the Police Service and the community [as clearly an afterthought, having a sense of what he was saying, but not too concerned to cease being a criminal] through Colin's involvement and his advice and the application of the common sense [their CRIME] which I have mentioned previously."

In law this is called 'caucusing'.  It completely debases the judicial process.  Accordingly, it is illegal, and because it is illegal and involves functions by authorities, it is CRIMINAL. 

There is absolutely NO REASON that police and individual magistrates should be having informal private discussions, ON ANY MATTER. 

What this shows is that the magistrates are combining with the police to present a united attack on the individual.  This shows that the judicial process is a FARCE and a  FRAUD.  ANY PERSON BEING FORCED TO APPEAR IN A CRIMINAL MATTER IN A QUEENSLAND MAGISTRATES COURT, is being CHEATED and DEFRAUDED by the QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT.

Clearly, magistrates find it quicker and easier, but criminal too, to go through all the cases they have to deal with on the day with the police prosecutor and police solicitor before the open court, to get the 'low down'. The corrupt police then have a favoured position.

This example of which I am intimately aware, occurred to me, and involved the corrupt Magistrate and previously police solicitor Colin John Strofield.when he was police solicitor and the corrupt magistrate then involved was magistrate Walter Harvey Ehrich

The FRAUD & CORRUPTION by Brisbane Magistrates Walter H Ehrich & Colin J Strofield

   UPDATE:   On the 20th July, 2010, I had a complete unanimous victory in the Qld Court of Appeal.  The magistrate mr Walter Harvey Ehrich  Queensland magistrate Topsy Turvey aka magistrate Walter Harvey Ehrich aka "Wally" to his corrupt copper mate Henri Elias Rantala who committed the Armed Robbery of me at my home at 254 Hawken Drive, St Lucia, on 29th November, 2004,   ] [now called mr Topsy Turvy ] was proven totally wrong and I was vindicated.  In fact, my mentions of of Topsy Turvy's grossly irregular conduct on my websites, and my audio message to him, freaked mr Topsy Turvy, such that he panicked and attempted to rectify his wrong in December, 2008 by organizing with the dumb cop prosecutor prior to the recording in court to offer no evidenceThat  probably increased the likelihood that I would win when I began the appeal process in 2009, and my win was reputed to be the Talk of the legal world.

At the time of these events,  29th November, 2004 and 1st June, 2005, Colin J Strofield was the police solicitor involved in this case.  Walter H Ehrich was the magistrate who corruptly made a decision to give corrupt police what they wanted: that is a conviction of me when I was illegally arrested when the police officer was engaged in the armed robbery of my property from my home.  I know the law as
I have an LLB. It was clear from the subpoenas that I had filed and served, that I would prove

In the Brisbane Magistrates' Court on 1st June, 2005,  Walter Harvey Ehrich made his corrupt decision.  He decided his course of action to conceal the repeated steps of fraud that had been perpetrated against me.  He broke the law to convict me.   The police had committed CRIMINAL ACTS of ARMED ROBBERY and of BREAK AND ENTER AND STEALING, to support CRIMINAL ELEMENTS of the Brisbane City Council. The proof of the criminal act by the Brisbane City Council is on that page too.

In summary, what
Walter H Ehrich did was, without hearing from me or anyone, in the courtroom, [it is a different matter as to how much he had discussed the case in secret before coming into court - ie highly illegal 'caucusing with the prosecution'], and without having a plea from me, [but obviously I intended to fight the charge of causing a 'public nuisance', as I had subpoenaed many witnesses and copies of the subpoenas were on the file that Walter H Ehrich saw; I had also subpoenaed from the Brisbane City Council the non-existent Court Order which, if existing, would have permitted their entry to my property pursuant to section 160 of the Health Act 1937], convicted me and sentenced me pursuant to Section 19 of the Penalty and Sentences Act.  That is recorded as a Conviction, although Magistrate Walter Harvey Ehrich, advised that 'No conviction was recorded'.  The police have since relied upon that 'Conviction'.

Colin J Strofield is guilty of this FRAUD & CORRUPTION.  As he was the police SOLICITOR, an Admitted Officer of the Supreme Court of Queensland, he should not have permitted an illegal act to pass.  As police solicitor in the court, he agreed to the FRAUD & CORRUPTION that occurred.  That suggests that he had criminally caucused with Magistrate Walter H Ehrich prior to the hearing.  It was clearly illegal, CRIMINAL in fact.  Hence, the Queensland Police are now targeting me to silence me from reporting INTERNATIONALLY on the Corruption in Australia.

The FRAUD of me, Initiated by Hugh McVean, my CORRUPT brother in law; he married my sister, the greatest misfortune to befall my family. 
My Brother in Law, Hugh Douglas McVean,  had set out to defraud me of my home, prior to our even buying it in 1994.  [I later discovered that he forged an REIQ Tenancy Agreement, to make it appear that I was his 'tenant'.  Hugh Douglas McVean has actually put that document into court as bona fide, another criminal act by Hugh McVean.  He has also made a criminal of my sister Coral McVean many times over, and I have recorded one of her criminal acts when she was acting as a fiduciary - Enduring Power of Attorney -  for our mother, who was then blind.  My beneficially owned house was purchased in February, 1994 by us, with Hugh McVean as trustee for me.  He had clearly decided at that time to defraud me of it.  It was bought so I could make it a paying proposition with share tenants [that he called boarders, as per his later email to me] as it was on the doorstep of the University of Queensland in St Lucia.   I did not expect it to take me long to convert it to 6 bedrooms and obtain finance.  As soon as it was bought Hugh McVean began to stuff me around, and not permit me to make the changes I required.   I had not expected it to take me too long to make the changes so I agreed to pay him a weekly sum greater than the then rent being paid for the whole house, [until I exercised my 'Option to Buy'] and to pay him any increase in  price for the increase in value of the house.  I expected that time to be minimal, and so the increase in price to also be minimal.  As it was being funded by my sister as well, I was prepared to pay them any out of pocket expenses, so did not want him wasting money on the house, as I expected that he would try to extract that from me.

[While I thought it was an 
'Option to Buy', I later learned that in fact, the arrangement I had with Hugh McVean was a RESULTING TRUST.  Accordingly, I am still the BENEFICIAL OWNER, despite all  the intervening fraud.  There have been quite a number of other parties who have willingly become parties to Hugh McVean's fraud of me.]

Much later, when he was trying to manipulate me to make him more money out of me, he admitted the arrangement we had, without realizing what he was doing.   I had done this exact same procedure of letting rooms to 'share tenants' with the first house I bought at 150 Jubilee Terrace, Bardon on 20 January, 1973. 

[Click on this image above to see the full email as a .pdf file;  and only 5Kb, really, and it will open in a new browser.]

Soon after that, Hugh McVean admitted in writing how he had refused to allow me to fix up the house by adding another room to enable me to make it a paying proposition.

[Click on this image above to see the full email as a .pdf file;  and only 5Kb, really, and it will open in a new browser.]

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